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Adventures of Lexi and Bug

Everyone knows fairies are supposed to fly and lightning C bugs are supposed to glow, right? This is a wonderful story of a friendship that begins when the two main characters are having a rough time with some life challenges. Lexi, a fairy, had an accident and clipped her wing. She cannot fly because of the accident. Bug, a lightning bug, cannot seem to find his glow. Both characters are feeling lonely and sad because they couldn’t accomplish what comes easily to everyone else, they know.

This first adventure is how the two met and helped each other through a tough time and is the first of many adventures to follow. Lexi and Bug build a lasting friendship despite their differences and have an amazing time on all their adventures. Their journey starts with an unusual situation in which both of the friends help each other accomplish their goals! It’s filled with adventure and the joy of a newfound friendship.

Following adventures will take the two traveling all over the world. Amazing adventures that will be fun and filled with history, local living, geography, life lessons, and how to see the best in any situation.

Adventures of Lexi and Bug

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